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She Is So Good At It She Even Became A CrossFit Champion

Salt Lake City native Darcie Warren is not your usual fitness buff. Doing 189-lbs clean and jerk routines is almost an effortless task for this darling. Competing and winning in fitness events also seem natural.

For a woman who also has to take care of six kids ages 3 to 15 years old, it is already an amazing feat that Warren finds ample amount of time to keep herself in a very good shape.

“My coaches say what has brought me as far as I have come is my mental game, which a lot of people lack,” Warren said. “They don’t want to take themselves to that dark place. Even though they have the physical capacity to do it, the mental capacity isn’t quite there. So I always say, it’s my six kids. That’s what brought me to the level that I’m at.

“I found the athlete within in the process of trying to get back in shape,” Warren said. “The first time I ran a marathon, I was like, I think I can do that faster. I just always wanted to see what I could do, not necessarily competing against others. I like that feeling. I’m a fitness junkie, and I like that high you get from exercising.”

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